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I help students and recent grads

build career confidence,

explore their options,

and make great choices

to decide where life leads.

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  • MSc Human Resource Management, U. Edinburgh

  • M.A. Experiential Education, Prescott College

  • B.A. Psychology, Whitman College


  • Five years of higher ed experience building a new career development program for students

  • Awarded "Part Time Faculty of the Year" for designing and teaching undergraduate decision-making course

  • Delivered over 200 workshops and presentations

  • Participated in 300+ hours of group counseling

  • Developed instructional resources including workshops, a Career Coach “train the trainer” program, online career development classes, and materials for publication.

In five years of career coaching, I haven't met one person - not a single soul - who discovered their career path through a textbook, assessment, or deep personal reflection. On the contrary, those "ah ha" moments came through hands-on experience. 

As a masters-level experiential educator, I'm not surprised. However, I was shocked by all the career development resources which actually worked against this fact. Many books included pages of career inventories and hefty reflective exercises, as if knowledge and insight, rather than concrete experience, would lead to finding a fulfilling career. 

Dr. Herminia Ibarra's brilliant research was a revelation. Discovering her work introduced me to concepts bridging experiential learning and careers, and became such a passion that I pursued a second master's degree (This one in Scotland...call it a "learning vacation!") to investigate her work further. 

Career Experiments were born from this endeavor. These step-by-step guides connect you to powerful experiences and the best sources of information, so you can make confident decisions based on your first-hand experience. You can download all nine Career Experiments for free (The password is in the first email that arrives after signing up!).

In 2019 I started a new career adventure of my own, as a Learning & Development Program Manager at Premera. I still work with a very limited number of private clients on an hourly basis, both online and in the Edmonds area. If you’d like more personalized career support you’re welcome to reach out, however I know you can make AMAZING progress on your own with the Career Experiments and downloadable resume and interview guides.  

Thanks for making Better and Better part of your career adventure. Good luck finding your next great career step! 


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"Hey Laurah, I got the job!

I am super excited and ready to jump in. Good salary, great benefits, a terrific role with some very challenging but motivating goals, and a great team. Thank you so much for all of your help and pushing. I  could not have gotten this job without you."

- Evan

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“The thing I admire about Laurah is her ability to bridge the gap between a highly intelligent professional and a super down to earth, fun loving woman.  She's smart, witty, kind and caring.  She had the ability to make me believe in myself even when I wasn't sure I believed in myself.  Laurah is nothing short of a one on one motivational speaker who encourages you to be your best every step of the way.  She made me aware of skills I possess that I didn't even know I had.  I truly believe anyone would be fortunate to work with her on a professional level.  She's great at what she does!”

- Steph

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"Laurah has been a true inspiration in my life.  When I speak to Laurah I feel that she cares for me personally and my professional  goals. She helped me skillfully build a resume that got me the job that I really wanted for a long time,  and had never been able  to get a interview for. Laurah is a highly skilled, compassionate professional who is an invaluable asset to anyone wanting to further their goals."

- Ryan

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I just want to give a shoutout to Laurah Amy Hagen! I have had significant anxiety associated with updating my CV for years, now. The combination of life events over the past couple years- including being pregnant and having a baby- took me down a notch; from feeling confident and being highly productive to just trying to get by some days.

Laurah's coaching was phenomenal. We started REALLY small; she helped me talk through my anxieties and tap into my power again- who I am, what I'm passionate about and what work lights me up. Laurah helped me find ME again.

- Rosemary

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"These guides are super amazing! They're really clear, easy to follow, and the info is in small chunks so they're easy to understand. And, the examples are nice to have for reference." 

- Julia

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"Laurah is an example of someone who has found her talent in life and a way to share it. She’s genuine, and never fails at finding a way to connect with her clients. I will never forget the feeling of despair when I couldn’t put together a successful resume. Laurah set up a comfortable coffee date during which to guide me. I will never forget the feeling of empowerment that Laurah not only placed on paper but within myself as well. Working with Laurah was an opportunity that I will benefit from the rest of my life and I highly recommend that others take advantage of as well."

- Charity

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