When you have great big goals, you need tools to achieve them that are equally as powerful. 

In five years of career coaching, I haven't met one person - not a single soul - who discovered their career path through a textbook, assessment, or deep personal reflection.On the contrary, those "ah ha" moments came through hands-on experience. 

That's why I founded Better and Better on Career Experiments; experiential tools that open doors, create opportunities, and build a pathway to the job you'll love. 

Perhaps you know the path you're on isn't the right one, but don't know what other options you have. Maybe you're overwhelmed by options, keeping you from getting started. No matter what your story, I'm glad to be part of it.

Right now, I'm living in Edinburgh (The most magnificent city ever!) while completing an MSc in Human Resource Management. (An MSc is what they call a Master's degree over here.) 


  • M.A. Experiential Education, Prescott College
  • B.A. Psychology, Whitman College
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator
  • Global Career Development Facilitator


  • Five years of higher ed experience building a new career development program for students
  • Awarded "Part Time Faculty of the Year" for designing and teaching undergraduate decision-making course
  • Delivered over 200 workshops and presentations
  • Participated in 300+ hours of group counseling
  • Developed instructional resources including workshops, a Career Coach “train the trainer” program, online career development classes, and materials for publication online and in print.
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That's my cover story anyway. The "real" reason is that I'm a bit obsessed with Dr. Herminia Ibarra's research on career development, and wanted to write a dissertation related to it. You can follow along with my Scotland adventures here. 

Like all good career stories, this twist of fate started with an experience. In 2015 I volunteered to design a study abroad trip to Scotland with some colleagues. Frankly, it was just another check box on a miles-long to-do list. However, even through my jet-lagged stupor, I knew within 48 hours of arriving that I was coming back. It took a full year to wrap up my projects in Arizona, but here I am!  

Thanks for making Better and Better part of your career adventure. I'm looking forward to connecting with you, and please reach out any time! 

- Laurah Hagen, Founder

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