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I help motivated 20-somethings

build career confidence,

explore their options,

and make choices

to decide where life leads.

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  • M.A. Experiential Education, Prescott College
  • B.A. Psychology, Whitman College
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator
  • Global Career Development Facilitator


  • Five years of higher ed experience building a new career development program for students
  • Awarded "Part Time Faculty of the Year" for designing and teaching undergraduate decision-making course
  • Delivered over 200 workshops and presentations
  • Participated in 300+ hours of group counseling
  • Developed instructional resources including workshops, a Career Coach “train the trainer” program, online career development classes, and materials for publication online and in print.

In five years of career coaching, I haven't met one person - not a single soul - who discovered their career path through a textbook, assessment, or deep personal reflection. On the contrary, those "ah ha" moments came through hands-on experience. 

As a masters-level experiential educator, I'm not surprised. However, I was caught off-guard by all the career development resources which actually worked against this fact. Many books included pages of career inventories and hefty reflective exercises, as if knowledge and insight, rather than concrete experience, would lead to finding a fulfilling career. 

Dr. Herminia Ibarra's brilliant research was a revelation. Discovering her work introduced me to concepts bridging experiential learning and careers, and became such a passion that I pursued a second master's degree (This one in Scotland...call it a "learning vacation!") to investigate how her ideas applied to emerging adults, rather than the seasoned professionals in her research samples. 

Career Experiments were born from this endeavor. These step-by-step guides connect you to powerful experiences and the best sources of information, so you can make confident decisions based on your first-hand experience.  

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