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"Hey Laurah, I got the job!

I am super excited and ready to jump in. 

Good salary, great benefits, a terrific role with some very challenging but motivating goals, and a great team.

Thank you so much for all of your help and pushing.

I  could not have gotten this job without you."

- Evan, with a sparkling new MA in Organizational Leadership

stories like these are great, right?

Well, unless your own career is going exactly nowhere. 

In which case, the last thing you want to hear is another reminder that you're falling behind.

I get it, because I've been there. 

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Thirteen months after graduating, I experienced my low point. I was temping at the Canadian Consulate. My day was spent answering phones in French, mainly responding to angry inquiries from people who were denied access at the border due to decades-old DUI infractions. Part of the day was spent dodging a schmucky staff member trying to score a date, and another part was devoted to mindlessly reviewing a big stack of visa applications to ensure they included all the required documents and signatures. So, I know what it's like to spend lonely lunch breaks hoping the graduation speech about being "destined for great things" was really true, and that "real life" wasn't actually the disillusionment I felt. 

 Luckily, I learned that life isn't going to pass you by...but you do need to meet it half way when you want great things to happen.

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You can get from "Here" to "there." 

I've been doing career coaching for a long time because I love it. With an M.A. in Experiential Learning and five years of experience building the student side of a university career office, I know what works...and what doesn't.  

So, I wouldn't say this if I didn't absolutely mean it: Within four weeks, Decide Where Life Leads Career Coaching can bring your stress levels down to manageable levels by showing you exactly what you need to do to focus your efforts and take a confident next step. You can feel excited about where your life is going. This is the best investment you can make in your career if you're stuck spinning your wheels and want to start moving in a direction that excites you.  

If you’re motivated to get traction and find the right path for your career, we might be a good team. It's your turn to decide where life leads. 

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They did it. you can too.

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"Laurah is an example of someone who has found her talent in life and a way to share it. She’s genuine, and never fails at finding a way to connect with her clients. I will never forget the feeling of despair when I couldn’t put together a successful resume. I will never forget the feeling of empowerment that Laurah not only placed on paper but within myself as well. Working with Laurah was an opportunity that I will benefit from the rest of my life and I highly recommend that others take advantage of as well."

- Charity

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“The thing I admire about Laurah is her ability to bridge the gap between a highly intelligent professional and a super down to earth, fun loving woman.  She's smart, witty, kind and caring.  She had the ability to make me believe in myself even when I wasn't sure I believed in myself.  Laurah is nothing short of a one on one motivational speaker who encourages you to be your best every step of the way.  She made me aware of skills I possess that I didn't even know I had.  I truly believe anyone would be fortunate to work with her on a professional level.  She's great at what she does!”

- Steph

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"Laurah has been a true inspiration in my life. When I speak to Laurah I feel that she cares for me personally and my professional goals. She helped me skillfully build a resume that got me the job that I really wanted for a long time, and had never been able to get a interview for. Laurah is a highly skilled, compassionate professional who is an invaluable asset to anyone wanting to further their goals."


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 "These guides are super amazing! They're really clear, easy to follow, and the info is in small chunks so they're easy to understand. And, the examples are nice to have for reference." 

- Julia

Ready to feel exited about your future?

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