What are Career Experiments?

Career Experiments are low-stakes, hands-on activities that give you direct contact with the career paths you’re exploring. Career Experiments give you the experience you need to make comparisons between your ideas, discovering right away if a path isn’t for you - and freeing you up to explore another one instead.

How are Career Experiments different from an old-fashioned career plan? 

There’s this crazy  idea that career paths can be controlled in just three easy steps: Make a plan. Reverse-engineer the plan into action steps. Complete the action steps until you reach the final career destination. Sounds responsible, right?

The only problem with this method is that reality rarely conforms to our plans. The world is changing so fast that by the time you arrive at your “final” destination, it might not be that great of a place. Even worse, focusing narrowly on a long-term career goal can blind you to the opportunities all around you right now.

Career Experiments are about making strategic career moves, one step at a time. They’re flexible, allowing you to change direction as you gather new information, and adaptable, so you can take advantage of opportunities you discover along the way.


How do I benefit from Career Experiments?

Career Experiments let you take both paths which diverge in a yellow wood instead of limiting yourself prematurely. They actually expand your opportunities, and move you forward by ditching the expectation that you’re marching unerringly in a single direction. Career Experiments give you engaging, hands-on experience in the real world, connect you with professionals in your fields of interests, and help you discover new opportunities.

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Need more convincing? Read the research underlying Career Experiments here, here, and here.