The girl who was so hyperfocused on one vision for her future that she was still trying to get into law school….after being rejected three years in a row. The student who completed an entire education degree, only to realize in his practicum that he hated teaching. The guy who dropped out of college to wait tables since he “didn’t have a plan,” and never came back. The girl who didn’t know how to find a job she was excited about, and persisted in the boring career she settled for.

These scenarios do not need to be your career story.

Instead, you can investigate and obtain your next great opportunity while building your network, your resume, and your self-awareness - even if you don’t have any idea what your next step might be.

How is this possible? With Career Experiments!

Career Experiments give you the experience you need to make comparisons between your ideas, discovering right away if a path isn’t for you - and freeing you up to explore another one instead.

Career Experiments are about making strategic career moves, one step at a time. They’re flexible, so you can change direction as you gather new information, and adaptable, so you can take advantage of opportunities you discover along the way.

Career Experiments actually expand your opportunities instead of limiting them, by ditching the expectation that you’re marching unerringly in a single direction. They give you hands-on experience in the real world while connecting you with professionals in your fields of interest.