Career Experiments: greg

A few days ago my besties and I wrapped up a 93-mike backpacking trip on the Wonderland trail, which circles Mount Rainier in Washington.

Wonderland ladies.jpg

After our first (and only!) bear sighting, we rounded a curve to find this storybook log cabin with an incredible view of Rainier. 


I wanted to know who the lucky person was with such a dream career in a remote cabin, greeting trekkers, enjoying peek-a-boo views of bears nibbling on berries. Lucky for us, he stopped to say hello (and check our permit...) on his way to get water.

Greg is a quiet man, but he let me snap a photo and ask a few questions about his journey to this job. It's a neat story about a dramatic career change. These can seem like scary things, but if you take it one little step at a time it becomes much less daunting. (And, slow career change are more successful anyway.) 


Name: Greg

Job Title: Park Ranger

What steps led you here? I was a marine in the Military, and then completed a degree in outdoor education from Prescott College. Due to my military background I was a strong candidate for a role with the Park Service, since the government is proactively hiring veterans. My education prepared me to interact with visitors and help them get the most out of their outdoor experience. After working at Yellowstone I transferred to Rainier to be closer to my girlfriend. 

What's one skill you learned as a Marine that you use in the Park Service? How to work in a bureaucracy.