Heart, in a loaf of bread.

My goal today was simple: Visit the Royal Yacht Britannia, a decommissioned vessel used by the royal family for 40-some years.

But I'm easily distracted. Walking past a bakery a loaf of black bread caught my eye. What was it? Too dark to be rye. Curious, I went in and asked the waiter. It was sourdough, made black by the charcoal used as a leavening agent. 

He was passionate about food, art, and local agriculture. I learned how the chemistry of the charcoal changes the texture of the loaf, making it spongy in a way most sourdough's aren't. To my delight, I was given a sample...covered in butter (mmm). The communal table, an experience designed to nourish not just the body, but the soul. 

I left informed, and inspired. It wasn't "just" bread. It was science. A mission to eat local. An artistic way of making something simple, special. 

Whatever you're working at today, put some heart in it. As Kahil would say...