A Brief Intermission: See you in 2018!

Do small things with great love.png

Happy Holidays, friends! Thanks for being part of Better + Better's inaugural year.

The picture above is from February of this year, when Career Experiments were a bunch of ideas floating around on notebook paper. From working with college students I knew where those "ah ha" career insights came from - and it wasn't from sitting in an office talking to me. Every career insight was sparked by hands-on experience - and sometimes, that experience was hard to find. 

So, Better + Better was born in September featuring Career Experiments. From Volunteering Strategically to Talking to an Expert, these step-by-step guides connect anyone exploring career paths with experience that invites those life-changing "ah ha" moments. 

Crazy what can happen in just one year, isn't it? 

In the spirit of doing small things with great love, I'll be taking a few weeks off to plan a fabulous 2018 for Better + Better. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I'll see you in January!