If your career doesn't happen "according to plan," you're in GREAT company

Finding a job you love rarely.png

When you ask people how they got into their careers, you hear some crazy stories. 

Kat Cole, CEO of Cinnabon, got her start at Hooters. She was just planning to waitress to earn money for college. Her talent landed her on the radar of management, and then other opportunities began coming her way...including traveling internationally to train new staff members. By 26 she was promoted to VP of Training and Development. 

Her story might be on the "extreme" end, but the truth is that finding a job you love rarely happens "according to plan" for any of us. More often, the path becomes clear as you walk it.

My favorite tool for creeping on the surprising twists and turns that ended up shaping the career paths of other professionals is...

The Roadmap

(Check it out. I'm pretty sure you'll have fun.)