Getting real with Meg jay

meg jay

Mentioning the name Meg Jay in the hearing of my career office director would raise an eyebrow at minimum, and stir a half-hour of impassioned debate if time allowed. 

Meg Jay....them's fighting words.

I'm still not sure why, exactly. Some people argued that she promotes a 1950's idea of "goals," that the value system implicit in her talk is too upper middle class, that her TED talk was too terrifying (i.e., too real.), or that her shirt is just too shiny. 

Personally, I think the content of this talk is brilliant. Especially 10:03, about building identity capital and making your exploration count. And 12:14...being as intentional with love as you are with work. Oh, and a slight change in direction can have a major impact on where you end up. 

I love pretty much all of it, actually. 

How about you?